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Issue No. 8


Released Aug. 3, 2020.


Get the eighth issue of Curl! Some of the things you can expect to see inside are:

  • Our first STYLIST cover girl — and the products she uses on her clients and herself
  • A guide to stylers: Gel? Foam? Custard? What’s the difference and when should you use which one?
  • Black brand owners and stylists on their past struggles and where the beauty industry should go from here
  • Curls and cancer: What it’s like to lose the hair that’s so much a part of who you are
  • LICE! How our Stylist Panelist Gina battled the bugs with her own kiddos
  • Q&As with our stylist panel of curl experts
  • Naturally curly haircuts and style inspiration photos
  • And a whole lot more!
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Pilot Issue cover photo by Jessica Wood