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What are the types of subscriptions you offer?

Annual Recurring Subscription: Your card will be charged each year automatically.
Quarterly Rolling Subscription: Your card will be charged each time a new issue is released.
1-Year Non-Recurring Subscription: Your card will be charged once today for a 1-year subscription.


How do I access my digital editions?

Make sure you’re logged in and then you’ll be able to read your digital purchases at readcurl.com/digital-editions.


How do I update the mailing address on my subscription?

Look for the email in your inbox called “View and manage your new Curl subscription,” which was sent when you subscribed. It contains your personal login link, no password required. If you can’t find or access that email, you can request a new login link here.


How do I change the email address on my subscription?

Please send an email to info@readcurl.com and include 1) the current email address attached your subscription as well as 2) the new one you’d like to use. We’ll make the swap for you!


Do you have tracking information for my magazine?

Magazines that are sent as part of a subscription do not have tracking information.


How long does it take my subscription magazine to arrive?

Delivery times can vary widely in the U.S. and internationally: anywhere from a couple days to 4 weeks from the release/ship date in the U.S., and up to 8 weeks internationally. If your magazine hasn’t arrived after this time, please contact info@readcurl.com.


I’d like to write for the magazine. How do I make that happen?

Go here!


I applied to become a product reviewer. How do I know if I’m in?

If you filled out the application, we have your info! Your name is in our pool for the year, and you could be selected at any time within that year. We select reviewers for each product based on location and hair type, because we want to try products across a wide variety of hair and climates. We do have hundreds of applicants, so it’s possible you won’t be selected for a review, but we promise it’s nothing personal, and you should try again next time!


How do I become a product reviewer for Curl?

Once a year, we open up our reviewer pool. We’ll announce this across our newsletter and social media when it happens. You’ll be able to add your name to the list at that time.


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Pilot Issue cover photo by Jessica Wood